Homosexuality – What Do Ask Yourself Many Sufferers And Relatives

Many homosexuals still live in a “normal” relationship. Same-sex relationships (homosexuality) are now an absolute taboo issue more, but there is still an unexpected unreported to people in normal”relations live, although they are more attracted to the same sex. One reason is still the old education, stating that something not heard. Statements that homosexuality was sick and perverted fortunately almost of the past. On the other hand, affected individuals have still anxiety about the response of the remaining company. Thoughts on the work, the neighbors, the parents and relatives, the friends play a large role. Credit: PCRM-2011. Siegmund Freud has established many years ago that everyone to the same as also the other gender can feel attracted. Steffan Lehnhoff gathered all the information. This means that the predisposition to the Gleichgeschlechtlichkeit if you so can call it already in our genes lies dormant.

Most people give this urge and desire but not after and deny him even before you are yourself in a lifetime. Many mothers and fathers play a game of hide-and-seek with yourself and the outside world over the years. Finally, the rule is that a happy family consists of MOM, Dad, child. This can be happy and satisfied a child even when MOM and MOM or dad and dad, until not too long ago in our thought patterns didn’t. Also, same-sex couples live their lives like any other couple. It is neither easier nor harder it is maybe a little different.

“” It helps no one, when are people in a normal “relationship must change just because the society determines what a normal” relationship has to be. A man should should always still freely decide whether he loves man or woman, and will be judged without so about him. Help and suggestions are affected, families, relatives, friends here. Info-url.de/9ipiop Corinna Siems