Indiana Organizations

Where are the people? What does the construction of power? It is important to think of those indigenous peoples organizations that maintain their own power structures. Role of funding agencies in recent decades most of the international financial agencies have played a negative role against the initiative process and the Indians, adopting a position of disrespect rights of peoples, reaching the opposite side, implementing policies of subordination and discrimination. There are few agencies that helped develop the indigenous movement, even when they have suffered the same criticism as they did to the Indians for their principles, for example, they branded the historical anti Indiana, etc. In other cases, some agencies are always motivated to fashion approaches that induce learning discourses and practices homogenizing and globalizing. Fortunately, so far the subject of ethnicity, culture and identity does not respond to this need of fashion, but is responding to a job in principle. However, during the last decade we have seen that many agencies are joining to fund large scale projects with many risks, including environmental agencies in the Amazon, creating distortions in the movement and negative changes. Also the romance and passion with which some agencies go to fund indigenous organizations, not is good because it is convenient to power the attitude of beggars and void to the people, because we know that people have skills and wisdom.

Oxfam America has been supporting the initiatives of indigenous movement since its emergence in the region. More than just a conduit for financial aid, accompanied by processes that helps strengthen and enhance the capabilities of leaders and organizations to empower themselves to have a voice and are the true representatives of their organizations and aspirations of their peoples. However it is not easy to play this role because we are serious difficulties in the relationship of movement and agency. For example, the dilemma of dependence, the risk of creating artificial and unsustainable organizations, corruption of some leaders, the economic situation of the leaders who live in cities, how to make the leaders do not dissociate themselves from their organizations base, avoiding the bureaucracy of the organizations of the second and third grade, etc. etc.