Installing Screw Compressors

Studies show that today the compressor equipment consumes more than 10% of electricity consumption industry. Naturally, such a huge consumption and high cost of electricity Any decisions related to more efficient use of schemes of compressor equipment, are of great interest among consumers. At most companies already are moving away from the old one – a centralized model of supply production of compressed air and moving to more advanced and cost-effective – the decentralized model. The reason why this happens is that the new method of providing compressed air eliminates the use of centralized facilities and air compressor long-haul networks and therefore makes it possible to avoid all the costs associated with this deficiency (loss of 20-30%). Decentralized method involves the installation of individual air compressors directly from each user. period of maintenance-free path for screw compressors on the order of longer than for standard reciprocating compressors. screw compressors do not require specially trained personnel who constantly watched, and would have served them, they do not require a specially prepared foundation, it is only necessary to have small flat area that could sustain their weight. This makes it possible to install compressors in close proximity to the consumer of compressed air to them is not required inlet / outlet of cooling water, as helical unit has air-cooling and warm air, after cooling the compressor can be used for space heating or hot water – recovery; screw compressors unit has minimal noise and vibration; screw compressor is fully automated; compressed air at the outlet of the compressor has a minimum residual oil content. To date, there are technologies that allow you to recover 70-80% energy dissipated by cooling the oil, while the heat may not have any effect on the basic function of the compressor – the compressed air production. Appointed to heat can be used for different purposes production