International Museum

Jaen, silver capital of the Holy Kingdom, enclave of the Nazari Kingdom of Al – Andalus, land of millenary olive trees and Interior havens. He is perhaps the least known of the Andalusian capitals, but the formerly called Yayyan by the Arabs, hides wonderful places, wonderful monuments and legendary stories. You must visit in this city is its Cathedral, work of architect Andres de Vandelvira and one of the most representative buildings of the Spanish Renaissance. Today day requests its recognition as a world heritage site. Among the jewels that hides this sacred Temple, highlight the Holy face, a cloth that was supposedly dried the face of Jesus in his Via Crucis. Another indispensable visit workplaces, is the Palace of Villadompardo. Within this Palace are two beautiful museums, the International Museum of naive art and the Museum of folk customs. But they are not museums that most stand out in the Palace, if not the majestic Arabian baths.

These baths date back to approximately the X or XI century and are the greatest preserved in Europe. They are evidence of the Arab splendour of the Jaen city. Another prominent Museum of the capital of the Holy Kingdom is the Museum of art. With large archaeological collections, such as the Iberians or its section of fine arts, where even have engravings by Picasso. But without a doubt, if there is a magical and emblematic place in Jaen, that is the Castillo de Santa Catalina. Located at the top of the Hill of the same name, Jaen city Crown from the heights.

The name of the Castle, is that the city was given by Alhamar to Fernando III the Saint day of Santa Catalina. In its interior is located the national parador of some journals granted him the title of being one of the best hotels in the world. Must-see at the castle is a visit to the stone cross, from where you can enjoy the most spectacular sunset of Jaen and the sierras, mountains and hills of olive trees that surround it. Jaen, has in turn with one of the most beautiful juderias kept in Spain, with its typical narrow streets housing, they stand as vestige of the Jewish presence in Jaen for twelve centuries. The historic find wonderful places like the Church of the Magdalene, built on a former mosque Muslim Jaen and of which remains, among them are still a beautiful courtyard with horseshoe arches. Cupcake there is a source, from which a famous legend of a lizard that is hallmark of the city. The remains of the walls which grew Jaen, with its historical doors and places such as the Arch of San Lorenzo, worth to be visited by tourists, which will be amazed by its beauty. But if there is something that distinguishes the capital, is its culture of tapas. There is nothing like enjoying a beer in bars, where for the price of the drink you put a lid of excellent quality and quantity. And it is in Jaen with three beers you can say you’ve dined. Without a doubt, Jaen, has a special charm and any tourist who visit it, always will remember it because the capital of inner paradise, is legendary and magical.