Invasion Of The Archaeopteryx: Geology In Munich

Six out of ten original fossils of the oldest bird of geology in Munich Munich – a \”bird crime\” of a special kind is currently in Munich-chen happening: the Bavarian State collection of paleontology and geology has taken six of the ten world famous, fossil remains of the famous archaeopteryx archaeopteryx in reception Mon day. For the first time, scientists have opportunity to examine the valuable Museum loans in direct comparison, before they are issued from 30 October to 1 November at the Munich mineral days. But this is not enough: As noted in the short term, also a specimen, which is considered to be lost for almost 20 years under the Rectrices. \”Number 8\” was in the possession of an anonymous private collector, inaccessible to science and the public. Now the bird showed up again and will be seeing for the first time ever in the original. \”In the course of the preparations for the special exhibition, we learned that the ominous number 8 has changed hands, and this is now ready, the\” significant fossil of science to provide. \”It’s like in the crime: everybody white a bit and all of a sudden there is a track\”, Christoph Keilmann, Managing Director of mineralientage Munchen is pleased.

A cast of archaeopteryx found at Daiting was displayed in the Bamberger natural history museum for a short time in 1996, since then only fo tografien testified to his imaginary presence. All attempts to deliver the original of the WIS science and the public, have failed. In the past few weeks the anonymous owner of the coveted fossils due to private lives has now decided to sell the piece – to Raimund Albersmann Dowd, one of Europe’s largest fossil dealers: \”it’s an incredible feeling, to keep one of ten copies of the famous archaeopteryx of all time in the hands.