Klaus Martin Meyer

In an age of rising raw material prices, also renewable raw materials are rediscovered hemp as an indigenous fiber plant, our region supplied textiles and rope fibres; until the mid-20th century a.d. the production of synthetic fibres and the import of cotton were politically interesting. The argument that the plant was also to be used as intoxicants, made possible a ban on cultivation. In almost all areas, hemp was then replaced by inferior products. Cotton, which is imported and is burdened with much venom, took over the textile market with synthetic fibres, chemically manufactured from petroleum.

Plastics for housing insulation, chemicals in medicine and agriculture to the soil nutrients and as animal feed have since governed our lives. Only to sealing water pipes anyone, succeeded to the excellent qualities of hemp fiber in question. You expands when wet, seals so very well, not rot but and is also non-porous, as rubber seals itself. So was the responsible trade Plumbing the excess life niche of our frugal basic supplier of hemp. The sustainability of this stub is unmatched.

Through the deep roots it loosens hardened ground. Through intensive shade, she helps dried soils maintain moisture better. Stalks and stems are fiber suppliers for clothing and insulating materials. Even the car industry sees benefits in the lower weight and higher environmental relevance. Leaves are still not very popular as herbal healing, flowers still slightly infamous. but their healing effect especially as appetite stimulant for debilitating diseases is undisputed. Seeds and oil of hemp are the only benefactors on next floor for skin and hormonal balance in addition to breast milk. Now, hemp as a raw material plant is again becoming popular all over the world. A reasonable thought, because it without any chemical AIDS comes from. It is more or less locally present and globally effective. Hemp shrugged itself despite the use of industrial Loveless. Since he is two, the males but faster mature, is a harvest by machine unworkable. It requires a loving, individualized treatment with all devotion, which is inherent to it. A real contender for all advocates of welfare.