Installation of landmarks in the city of Moscow – is by and large stake out land boundaries in accordance with the state real estate cadastre. As a rule, carved signs shall be placed on a temporary scheme: clogged dowels, rods, fittings or made otkraska on the wall. Landmarks, you must have all the tenants of land in Moscow – are terms of the lease with DZR. Types of landmarks are regulated Ministry of Economic Order N 582. But as a rule, all geodetic firms bypass this document, citing its failure in Moscow for a particular site. Typically, safety checks of landmarks goszemkontrol (Land inspection of Rosreestra).

Again, these are usually the most landmarks inspection finds. In this case you will be issued an order to eliminate the violation. If you received a prescription and only some fine then consider that everything worked out – you can restore the boundaries of land-marks in any geodesic firm that it will take over. But usually, the inspectors are "friends" in these firms, and so, by hook or by you crook would try to cram it in there. Of course, then the inspector will receive their percentage of the transaction. You do not need to be a great mathematician to understand that the cost of the contract with the firm, which advised the inspector will 30-40 percent higher than in other geodetic organization. According to the results of geodetic work organization should provide you with an act of passing the landmarks with his seal. By an act of applied and engineering report with the contours landmarks. By the way, well-written outline can be maintained even temporary boundary marks in good condition alone. In Moscow the removal of landmarks – this whole business, many small firms are almost not a monopoly in this environment. Ultimately, the tenant of land, do not forget that the set of landmarks, he may at any geodesic a company that could make the removal of borders.