Latin America

I would like to take a step more beyond, not only a system is needed, but in order to get the most out of businesses at home, required an automated system. To have an automated system and always go one step more alla, is necessary to attack from every possible angle to their potential customers in order to achieve prosperity. Step 1: Create a form or a capture area. If you don’t have idea who is this, has probably seen some on one website when you are asked to register or leave your information such as your email address and your name, another of these is when they give you a little information and you will need to see all your content leaving your data to obtain more information regarding what caught the attentionthe capture of these data will serve you to create your list of prospects, customers and prospects. Important note: never lose this list emails, names, addresses etc. It has been proven that the success of the internet business, are based on the list of prospects and customers, when you launch a new product this list becomes the success of its product, many of them become customers, and if you place your capture area, get more prospects.

All this leads us to the second technique to the creation of a fully automated system, automatic e-mail response. Step 2: Follow your customers and prospects via email, the use of a transponder auto. From my experience in this type of tracking, you must create 10 emails and send them consecutively, always giving a benefit, or writing something interesting, and don’t forget to promote your business in each sent, I have noticed in people’s response is between 3 and fourth mail that is sent after these 10 e-mails, send 4 emails more but giving space for 2 to 3 days, generate much expectation, and can you answered positively to your business. With an auto transponder professional like Aweber achieved all this in a 100% automated way. Step 3: Follow-up by a broadcast by audio system there are programs that make calls to your prospects, only reminding them periodically and make present your product, this system is very powerful if tracking, continuous will reach many times more customers in less time, some programs more known are: Goldcalling, voiceshot, probuilderplus, and Protus. Step 4: Postcards of follow-up in Latin America there is a system to send periodic information by direct mail; But if you have captured the direction can send brochures, postcards of your product or service, and so capture the attention of your prospects, implying that are interested in them, sending personalized information. If you use these steps to enhance your business, you’ll be getting in a few days in an automated manner a very significant increase in sales and income, which will work for you 24 hours without a break, bringing you prospects and customers, on autopilot.