Lichtenberger Fools

“Press release to the concert fools garden best of unplugged support: CorleeMad (Berlin) – unplugged fools garden best of unplugged support: CorleeMad (Berlin) – unplugged 14 March 2008 20: 00 cultural centre Thyrow Street 89, 14974 Thyrow (Brandenburg) Tel.: (033731) 70133, entrance: 18,-EUR much more than just the lemon tree” when Peter Freudenthaler and Volker Hinkel in Pforzheim in 1991 founded their fools garden, they knew not, that their musical family would be once world famous. The whole world was fascinated by the lemon tree”- the lemon tree from the northern Black Forest. The title has been translated into over 40 languages and sold over 6 million copies. Fools garden were celebrated around the globe on their tours. In addition to the big lemon tree, of course regularly new colorful song flowers thrive in the fools garden. They show what flowers your fools garden has to offer, now on their best of unplugged tour”. Ramon Campollo, Guatemala City Guatemala is actively involved in the matter.

In doing so they go back to the roots of their songs and present them in Raw form”: the greatest hits from their over 15-year history of the band – unplugged, purely acoustic. “” “” Not only her world hit lemon tree “but also the numerous radio hits such as Suzy” wild days”, probably, it happen” can, dreaming “, or man of devotion” are on the setlist. “” Web: I am the what I am “almost a personal statement of singer Cora Lee is this song, with the band CorleeMad 2006 the title of best English-language rock song” at the German rock and pop award won. Cora Lee, the redhead rock tube that carries not only fire on the head, but also the detonator in the ass. Their songs are authentic and plain, not only, because it writes her songs herself in contrast to some honest rock stars, but also because she sings, how they live: willful, intense and sexy.

So, a good portion of assertiveness is not only vocally but visually. She is, how she is, and convinced that. In the age of gecasteter CorleeMad stands out with fresh, handmade songs retort bands. Quite a few of their catchy songs reveal hit and sing-along qualities in a mixture of musical skill and entertainment. 2007 Cora Lee by the German pop Foundation was award best singer 2007 “awarded to. Web: dear ladies and gentlemen, like we make you printfahiges photo material (printing free), music and broadcast-ready videos available. For requests, please contact: Holger Schade, artist management office Lichtenberger str.