Mexico Prieto Peak

Spirit of the University of Mexico very much to my surprise I learned that being Mexican by birth is the sine qua non requirement to be eligible for the rectory of UNAM. For many seem more natural, however, since time immemorial this made isolated, although it seems wicked, has now a so parochial as dangerous nationalism that already costs us work identify. It may perhaps seem as natural as the flavor of our own saliva, which followed us confused without realizing. This University, for better or for worse, represents our intellectual vantage point and open channel to receive and issue the theoretical and academic higher frequency waves. However, years ago by not is that prejudice us ingeniamos to prescribe a filter in the part more sensitive of its structure academic/administrative. n.

Safely to preserve something of our intellectual virginity and the most expensive of our Mexican. I have no doubt that from establishing such a requirement was forged in final La University indigenous of Mexico. Perhaps the reason behind such laudable but dangerous idea was isolate the institution of many problems and ensure a smooth operation to avoid start frictions, in particular, those of nature ideosincratico among others. The cost to pay for these good wishes in the long run was not minimal: an excessive compromise to the uses and customs, of which today and keeps after so long us hostages, many times without even perceive it. Shortly before the Italian Renaissance in its dawn home University conceived universal, hence the etymology. What is worrying for me is that our tropicalizada version finf elements as fundamental as the same principles. As consequence brings us all the plagues of Egypt: we recycle excess any amount of academic and scientific content, and only God knows how far were the great speech.

Furthermore, being such as referee and measure of so many things, their views collegiate, right or wrong, as dogma permeate cascading the length and width of our society. Promethean efforts made by maintain the ideals of the University against the very principles of universality, besides being a contradiction in itself same, will always have some farce. A farce that leaves us exposed to that anyway: the spirit to speak for my race, that race you are not interested or universality or other things of that nature.