In one another point it affirmed that: ' ' When the magistrates are insolentes and greedy the citizens if they rebel against eles' '. In another phrase it said that: ' ' In all part the inaquality is the cause of revolues' '. Specifically on the action of the politicians it affirms that ' ' Some of them if leave to bribe, sacrificing, in favor of somebody, the public interest; of this form he would be safer than they had to give to accounts of its acts in the exercise of its funes' '. To explain what it moves the people if to choose, it said that ' ' No man if would candidataria to the position, if he did not have ambio' '. It said there for its fellow citizens who: ' ' Currently, with the objective to get advantages in the exercise of the positions, the men want to conserve these positions for si' '.

As that portraying a relief ours it affirmed that ' ' The governments that have in sight the common interest are constituted in compliance with justice and, therefore, structuralized correctly, but those that have in sight only the interest of the governing they are all defective and deviated forms of the constitutions corretas' '. After this, they elem makes some commentaries, showing as they must react those that are victims of the disobediences politicians, of the torts and ominous of the politicians; it presents suggestions of action of the citizens, to make to cease, among others things, the corruption, therefore, it says the thinker: ' ' The people is not irritated for being excluded of the power, and yes to think that the governing are if appropriating of the money pblico' '. Therefore, against the corruption and the disobedience politicians, it he advises the citizens if to rebel. But he did not give to send this text.