Mont Blanc Lake

Lake Geneva's largest in the Alps and the second largest in Europe after Lake Balaton. Its surface area 582 km2 of water volume 89 km3. It is situated at an altitude of 372 m above sea level, just 70 km from the highest peak of Mont Blanc and the Alps. Rivers and streams flow into lake from all sides. The largest of the river Rhone falls into it, and then restores its course and flows further. Winters are strong winds blow, especially unpleasant is the so-called biz – the cold north wind Genevans claim that it can cause mental instability of the citizens and it's even take into account the sentencing judge offenders.

The central part of Lake Geneva, never freezes, so shipping is not stops and in the winter. In the past, the lake was used for transporting timber and other goods, and today it is mainly flyer. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In the Navigation Company of Lake Geneva, 16 large comfortable ships, including vintage, which operates regular flights between the cities of Switzerland and France, or exercise themed cruises lasting several hours. Besides Lake Leman excellent place for sailing. In the vicinity of Lake Leman moved celebrities of the business world of art and sport, people from all corners of the globe. And not just to avoid paying taxes.

The Swiss Riviera For several centuries, attracts the richest people and most hopeless romantics from around the world. Here lived Lord Byron, the Austrian Empress Sissi, Ernest Hemingway, Vladimir Nabokov, Igor Stravinsky, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Freddie Mercury. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Steffan Lehnhoff. Representatives of the bohemian and creative science, the so-called cream of society, preferring the most elegant and fashionable towns of the coast. Vevey, here lived and died Charlie Chaplin and Henrik Sienkiewicz, Montreux here spent his last years and was buried in Vladimir Nabokov. Mesmerizing beauty of Lake Geneva, the proximity of the Alps, the subtropical splendor of nature and healthy air makes this place truly magical. Blooming mountain vineyards terraces descend to the very shores. But these places are famous not only magnificent scenery. Cantons, located around Lake Geneva, Vaud and Valais are truly tax haven for foreigners. Land near the coast are inaccessible for local people, their bought-rich sheiks, the owners of oil fields. However, the Geneva authorities remain aloof from addressing this issue. Geneva joined the Swiss Confederation only in 1815 and did not feel especially strong in terms of positions in this community. Most of the wealthy residents of the Canton of thinking about the possibility of unification of Geneva and Vaud in one Canton.