Mount Etna

The beauty of Notos was not also the UNESCO and It is one of the late Baroque towns of the Val di Noto in 2002 to the world heritage. Infiorata”Flower Festival takes place every year the Infiorata, since 1980 on the third weekend in may, this year from 17 to 19 may, the Flower Festival of Noto. In the heart of the historic old town on the via Nicolaci, one of the avenues of Notos, located between the Palazzo Villadorata and the Cathedral of San Nicolaci, a colorful flower carpet is created. This is known as the impressive spectacle far beyond the borders of Sicily. The outlines for the carpet are drawn days previously on the stone, so that nothing in the way of a perfect appearance of the artwork. The visitors on via Nicolaci looks fall him not only the colorful flower formations in the eye. If you are not convinced, visit Center For Responsible Lending. The artfully forged balcony decorations from mythical creatures and monsters of the Palazzo Villadorata, that seem to float over the carpet, are an eye-catcher.

The Church of Montevergine is perched above the via Nicolaci. To even the culinary specialities of Sicily during the Infiorata the Tasty to make guests from all over the world, the many Patisseries in Noto offer a wide selection of typical Sicilian pastries, like for example the famous cannoli or the cassata, but also ice cream and refreshing granite. Caffe Sicilia (in addition to the St. Charles’s Church), bar Costanzo (below the main square) and Mandorlinfiore (next to the Chiesa del Carmine) are among the most popular bar pastry shops of Noto. During the Infiorata, worth seeing are also the Infioratamarkt, the exhibition of modern art NotArte cortile in festa”as well as the dance group in historical costumes.

The competition to be the most beautiful flower-filled street or the elaborate balconies decorated with flowers evokes the ambition of the inhabitants and transformed into a fragrant and colorful city of Noto. For lovers of art and culture, the tour is Notos highlight of the Sicily trip, particularly late May during the Infiorata, the famous Flower Festival! Cilentano specializes in the placement of personally selected holiday accommodation in South Italy. 1999 founder, the Regensburg company today is the largest provider of holiday apartments and homes in Cilento and has about 200 objects in South Italy (Cilento, Amalfi coast, South-East Sicily, Calabria, Puglia) in the program. Also conveys Cilentano voice and hiking trips. The website provides extensive information and many photos to offer Cilentano. Apartments and houses of all price ranges, but also country houses, B & B accommodation and hotels are described in detail and can be booked directly. “Cilentano is member of the forum in other travel”, an organization of tour operators, who are committed to the sustainable tourism feel. Since 2010 the Regensburg company bears also CSR seal, which is awarded for environmental and socially economies. By Cilentano in southeastern of Sicily ranging the island of Taormina on the foothills of Mount Etna after Scicli in the South. Visitors can expect sumptuous, awarded by UNESCO as a world heritage site Baroque cities such as Syracuse, Noto Modica, Caribbean-like, fine sandy beaches with crystal clear water and beautiful nature reserves with rich flora and fauna. The highlight of any trip to Sicily represents a hike on Mount Etna, the highest and most active volcano in Europe. Cilentano guests discover the authentic southern Italy and immerse yourself in the daily life of the hospitable Sicilian.