Mystery Gift

So, if you notice that she still has not decided what kind of makeup would prefer and we are confident that it certainly is right for this pomade or this eyeliner – you can try. But not Remember that the schoolgirl should choose cosmetics for young skin – foundation 'for those over thirty' s obviously to anything. Still did not choose? Remember, do your charming schoolgirl any interests hobbies. She reads avidly? Give her a book. But Take the choice of the gift in detail. If it's a serious girl who understands the literature and knows the difference between synecdoche from metonymy, a woman's novel, even in the beautiful cover, or a new detective Darya Dontsova – not the best option for a gift. What she likes: Mystery, adventure, fantasy, fairy tales or multi-volume historical epic? Believe me, it's not hard to find out, not asking her directly.

Maybe she enjoys mountain hiking? Likes to go camping? Here the choice of possible gifts is rich, from a good folding knife and a sleeping bag to an individual pot or even a tent. Camping kettle with a chain to hang over the fire. Bellied flask, covered with leather – it has less water is heated on a hot day. What is there to say, a friend of mine was very happy chainsaw for a birthday – have long wanted, but never could not get together to buy. If it's romantic nature – and in adolescence, many girls are very romantic – give her a beautiful set of candles. What could be better in the evening by candlelight? Soft half-light, warm circle light and wavering shadows on the walls – all this makes the room cozy familiar and mysterious. But let this gift will be unusual and beautiful, and decorate it too must be like.

Still not convinced? Well, give her a doll – beautiful doll, especially hand-decorate any room. But! This gift is more suitable for feminine and romantic natures, tomboy hardly appreciate it. Tomboy best to give a nice knife decorated bag. Most girls love stuffed animals … but everybody knows it, is not it? So, it's not very interesting. Leaving this option on very very extreme case. It is important to treat and the choice of a gift, and its clearance from the fiction, fantasy – and, of course, an understanding of how unique the man to whom you will present this gift. And remember, most importantly in the present – not the price. Not even his desires. The main thing – the way you gave it, word, glance, smile. So someone who, as teenage girls know it!