Natural Resources

Now the old burned-out energy-saving light bulbs will be replaced at all sites in Moscow, utilities are carried out from the city budget. Ordinary light bulbs city authorities will stop buying from October 1 this year. Despite the fact that these lamps more expensive than usual, authorities expect to achieve savings through greater service life and lower energy consumption by such lights. Recall that in Russia in order to improve Energy may be banned from circulation incandescent bulbs from January 1, 2011 – with such a statement was made shortly before President Dmitry Medvedev. Head of Ministry of Environment has promised to intercede for Khimki Forest Head Ministry of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev promised to help the defenders of Khimki forest and said that his ministry – the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment – will address the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Agriculture requesting a review of the project location high-speed motorway "Moscow-St.Petersburg 'to save the park Khimki.

This was the minister said at a meeting with environmentalists and advocates of Khimki forest, during which the Minister has been demonstrated placement of the existing project road, which is eight kilometers away deep into the forest and includes a large-scale deforestation. Representatives of environmental organizations, the Minister said that there are alternative, more cautious with respect to the nature of road construction options. The Minister pointed out that if you can save forest, it needs to be done, and the track for the sake of Khimki forest to migrate and He, by the Ministry of Natural Resources, will facilitate this. .