1. Test the subject field “subject” Check email marketing campaigns you’ve sent and looks which have been more successful, you will see that there are trends in the creation of the subject field that influence the rate of opening of the newsletters. 2. Use subject Featured tries to relevant information in the subject field of your newsletters. For example, if you send information on the supply of a product, make sure the product name and expiration of the tender are present in the subject field of the newsletter as “Hire Newslettersoft before the summer and save yourself 30%.” 3. Personalize the subject field of the newsletter If you have the subscriber’s name, and place it in the subject field, you’ll see as you increase the aperture ratio of your newsletters. 4. Avoid the words of spammers anti-SPAM filters are becoming more selective, avoiding putting words in the subject field as free, mortgage, $ $ $, free, …

so will avoid the filters. 5. Play with the user’s curiosity The best way to increase the aperture ratio of your newsletter campaigns, is appealing to the curiosity of your users. Try formulas as: “Hello Name – I have a question for you ….” 6. Make your message clear and simple If you use the newsletter to send information about a special offer to your customers, make sure the message is clear and understandable, and do not forget to specify in the subject field “subject.” 7.

Copy what works Email marketing is not one, sometimes a combination of a particular word or pattern can make the difference between the success of your campaigns, newsletters or absolute failure. Our advice is that if something works, use it and adapt it to your various campaigns. 8. Avoid Avoid using exclamation points exclamation points to end your headers newsletters. Google, AdWords has been removed, for nothing. If you have been interested in the article and think you can do more to communicate online with your customers.