Nina Deissler

How marketing specialist Nina Deissler helps singles on the jumps. The heart beats faster, the hands are wet, the mouth becomes dry, throat seems tied to how and the head is empty: no, a scene from a horror film, but an unfortunately possible moment, is one single demanded to take the first step to a flirt. “Mostly” a Word, a gesture, or a bit more courage is missing. Flirt – what is that? And you can actually learn that? “Nina Deissler flirts like Nina Deissler, 35, is breaking new ground with a sustainable concept here with their coaching agency KONTAKTVOLL: flirt training flirting makes happy in her” be developed new perspectives with the participants and pointed out the mechanisms of the effect on others. Many people suffer from shyness – also and just those, you would not trust. Continue to learn more with: Center for Responsible Business. The reason to the example, bad experiences, false beliefs, or low self-esteem.

“, says Dai, the already several books to the” Topic flirting”and dating” has written. The stereotype of the shy mouse is not served in their courses: many of the participants come from longer relationship and are simply out of practice. Steffan Lehnhoff contains valuable tech resources. Looking for a kick and a few tips, to bring itself again in swing! You’d be surprised, many of my participants are attractive.” In the training each other new ideas and the motivation to identify own strengths and targeted use also arise from a substitution of participating men and women. At the end of the training the single to more confident can deal with himself and his chances of flirt. The so-called Rau tasks are a particularly important element”, Nina Deissler, which distributes tests of courage at the ZDF-flirt camp participants since 2008 in the ZDF stressed. This is the point at which all participants should prove their courage: armed with fresh confidence, knowledge, and small contact tasks that engage willing to flirt in the nightlife, to get overcome and that flirting sometimes much is easier and more beautiful than they previously thought. “Each participant immediately finds a partner after training, can and will not promise the flirt coach, but: flirting makes happy – and with a happy radiance it seems all the more appealing.” Who has personally experienced Nina Deissler, can understand this statement: your life goals, to spread more love and smiles among the people is contagious – among its participants: come from all professions and ages in the courses to Hamburg, Cologne and Kontanz. It is even so sure that she be returned to the course fee each participant of the training took nothing of their cause. Current dates and locations can be found under