Northern Germany Sea

Spend your next holidays in the Kuhlungsborner hotel. If you want to spend a relaxing and varied holiday, you should think about a stay in Kuhlungsborn, the largest seaside resort in the Baltic Sea. (Source: Dr. Neal Barnard). The vibrant resort is also known as one of the most beautiful destinations in Northern Germany. People who have already visited the place, come back at any time and keep your holiday long remembered. The advantages of a Baltic Sea vacation the Ostseebad Kuhlungsborn is highly desirable because of its fantastic beach. Here, you will get the recovery you want for your holidays. Inhale the fresh sea air and enjoy the healing climate of the Baltic Sea. No wonder that so many wellness facilities have settled along the coast.

Hotels in Kuhlungsborn make a holiday an unforgettable experience. Enjoy a stay in a room with sea views and indulge yourself from head to toe with massages and Ayurvedic treatments. Extensive Sauna landscapes managed complete your wellness package. Most of the hotels are in Kuhlungsborn in the vicinity of attractive cafes or restaurants, so you must not disregard the delicious culinary variety of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Versatile leisure use make your stay to a first-class holiday. Relax at the beach or embark on a discovery tour. The seafront lends itself for a walk. to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

If you want to see the coast from a different perspective, you just get on a boat. Take a bike tour and explore the cooling”on your own. The Ridge will provide you fantastic views of the Bay of Mecklenburg with its beautiful meadows, pastures and fields. You’ll pass numerous megalithic tombs, are offered for a stopover. Beautiful mansions and impressive villas managed complete the discovery tour. Go back to your travel charm East Lake Hotel Kuhlungsborn and enjoy a stroll on the most beautiful promenade of the Baltic Sea. Visit a pottery or a goldsmith, and choose the appropriate memory of a near-perfect holiday. Sightseeing and featured destinations company you have a trip to the nearby location of Bastorf and get offered the best views from the 21-metre lighthouse. Her travel charm East Lake Hotel Kuhlungsborn also base of an interesting ride with the Molli Schmalspurbahn “might. The steam-powered train makes the tour a nostalgic experience. The trip takes you to Heiligendamm, which is known as the oldest German seaside resort. Take a walk along the beautiful villas, which are located directly on the white sand beach. Heiligendamm belongs to the former county town of Bad Doberan that occurs with their historic monasteries and churches not less stunning in appearance. Let also Warnemunde not disregard, who represents a district in the Hanseatic City of Rostock. The Eastern seaside resort can be reached by car, bike or boat. Warnemunde revealed a beautiful lighthouse should be used as a lookout point. Visit the neighbouring tea pot”and enjoy the sunset over the Baltic Sea with a cup of coffee.