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Thousands are micro-entrepreneurs who can do advertising on television, radio, newspaper, by the high costs that she means. Many merchants, entrepreneurs, then seek other alternative, in order to offer its services, its products. On the way over there, some friends you habala of the virtues of the Internet. said you that I could get free websites, ads free to promote their small businesses, including may obtain a professional space to promote a Social network. Your own social network. When the merchant, craftsman, entrepreneur, who has his tallercito, its retail trade, who lives almost with the fair, listen to this proposal, we are enthusiastic about and tries for instance create your Social Network on Ning. Alli positioning some pictures, then a few videos, makes a small article and promote your small business inviting your contacts. It feels rather than grateful, with the alleged platform Ning’s free services.

Passes a year, barely achieving interest four people, even though it has 400 members, only two bought you your carpentry services. Most are you enroll, believing that they are going to give away services, installation of doors, upholstered bar, which pay tips, because they are members of the social network of the Carpenter. When the Carpenter one day want to hang a photo of your new tallercito, now painted, with a new sign on the door, occurs with a big surprise. A notice, insistent, harassing, appears again and again, each to start session. The sign tells you, than NING, it is no longer free, which from next month has to join a system of payments bargains, just 20 dollars a year… When the humble Carpenter wants to pay 20 dollars to NING, you are told that you should do with your VISA credit card, MASTERCARD, they don’t accept another form of payment. I.e., NING, you want to know what sun number of credit card, want that ud pay card, does not accept any other form of payment, if accepted thousands of companies that are in the network.