Original Internet

We have the means of communication more fabulous history and nobody can find us for more efforts that we make so that we locate as it says somewhere someone is heard wind of loneliness through our documents by our data and our brilliant ideas who sleep the sleep of the righteous because there is no who can find us and despite the fact that we can at any given time be in hundreds of places nobody finds absolutely nothing of all the effort that we are making to be known on the internet then we are proposing that we start to build a site where openly begins to concentrate that information through a blog and since we get the number sufficient data to pass us to a website and even portal so everyone ask like yellowpages or whitepapers where all our information we already have something advanced. Telnic in Europe has just launched the first global directory of nearly all the information on the basis of the .tel domain and we know that a large database that has immense value has all carriers phone, cell phones, mails and blogs and websites and to avoid the spam thing that have failed keeps everything in the more big secret and now we learn that obama use spam when his campaign as required and that we know has one access limited or by search engines themselves but here we are talking about my decision and any of us give you the use that you want and decide that the Internet will be available for use public and that not.Now a mail of exhibition open if with all the data in exhibit serious success more big Internet of our time, imagine writing the names of all their friends and get a listing all of them in the first open mail system of sensational serious internet is not true because to see who is the brave that throws him because this service is already urging if everything is open on the internet because not the mail and all ASI. We will for example with any blogs you are enojaria because suddenly they begin to get hundreds of visits to your blog if you are seriously working by presenting relevant material and not only nonsense because you say you should be able to have a response to that effort and yet not get it by more recommendations to all friends, relatives and chats in which participates and the amount of blogs that is initiated and never start must be order billion and for which so many blogs so that anyone knowing.Not cannot be the waste is criminal.