Partition Magic

His real name, and your username. For example, the real name might be "Mariano Malom" and the user name "Mary." Then choose a password and the name of computer. You can leave the default putting, eg 'Mary-laptop "or" Mary-desktop. " Next! 5. Beware! The next step is more delicate.

This is where you tell the installer installed. Make sure you choose the right option, or format a partition could not desired. There are several options to install: * A. Format the entire hard drive. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of BSA on most websites. Choose this if you want to erase everything and do a clean install of Ubuntu. * B.

Contiguous free space. Ubuntu will use a piece of free space on your hard disk for installation, this is the recommended option if you want to keep your old operating system and / or data. In my case does not appear because he had no space on any partition. * C. Manual partitioning. If you feel brave, you can hand one or more partitions for ubuntu. Note that the partition must have at least 2 GB, and should enable a partition for swap ("Swap"). This option is not recommended if one partition has never done or never used Linux before. But as I'll explain how to do it there's nothing to fear. The option to discard it. They can choose the option B and give the next and finish installing Ubuntu without problems. But if you decide to use the option C will help you out. 6. After choosing an option C will appear a partition editor pretty much like Partition Magic.