Personal Potential

This is without doubt, the first passage of the way towards the success. To discover all your potential and darte counts than you are and you have been able to do and to obtain. But there is something peculiar. It is that in our planet each living being seems to strive to the maximum of his possibilities, except the human beings.

For example, So high what grows a tree? Answer. The maximum, as high as is possible to him! Or sometimes dresses a tree that grew its possibilities in the middle of? And simply it decided to only report of his potential. A tree imagines thinking. Mmm, I believe that in this spring I will only give half of the fruits that could give. After all it will take a rest me! It seems ridiculous truth? And it watches what is really ridiculous. The human beings we have the possibility of choosing. We can less choose to be everything or to be. Click Boy Scouts of America to learn more.

We can decide to arrive to the maximum from our potential or can be satisfied to little that we have obtained. Why not to stretch to the maximum all your potential and being everything what you can be? It seems to me that this is an important reflection. Sometimes you are done position to think as is your real possibilities? What you can obtain, have or do in your life? I want to clarify the question, Which is your maximum potential? That potential, that these not applying it to your life at the moment. Since these not obtaining what sometimes you dreamed So that? Perhaps, with the latest that I wrote, these thinking: How it can generalize? I have my house, a work that pay to me well, a car and a family whom she appreciates to me. In addition I have my children in good schools and leave to amuse with my friendly the week ends. What can more be asked! But it would want that you thought for a moment, if he is that what you dreamed in your childhood. You wished to have or to be what now you have or you are? Which create you who are the cause by which you do not have everything what sometimes you wished? The majority of the people goes the life outside looking for the problem or the justificatory one of because it does not have wished success. What will be? , the government? , the country? , the city? , my head? , my family? , my pair? and they go looking for, when the answer outside this inside. A phrase that you must take into account is this: If the things go badly outside, is that is something badly inside. Surely the cause this more near which you imagine. Many authors have written on this subject. But in summary, everything what it happens in your outside, is simply the reflection of your interior.