Power American Mining

The new Dodge Ram 2500 is the new van designed to work in mining and construction. This pick-up may charge more than one ton and a half of weight with its 350 horsepower, making it an excellent alternative for the industry. He makes his income. Divemotor, official representative of Dodge in the Peru, presented to the Peruvian market the new Dogde Ram 2500 Heavy Duty. Its features include its great power, load capacity, ample interior space, to learn about American power of the Dodge Ram, we tested the vehicle in several areas of Lima and these were the results. 4 4 Truck engines and capabilities. When you turn on the Dodge Ram, you feel a sound truck.

The shift lever is located on the side of the rudder, keeping the American style. Among the features that we found in the vehicle is the manual six-speed transmission and has, as an option, with an automatic six speed transmission with sequential use, which is ideal for use when heavy equipment is being transported. It has a style own. This new Ram Heavy Duty line by its structure is not a vehicle for family use. It is designed for heavy transport and hard work in the mining or construction industry. Another feature that we find ourselves in front of the Ram is its redesign. The grill is larger and the bonnet is highest that along with their lights front angular printed him greater aggressiveness at the front of the vehicle.

Bumper front, with access to the tow hook, complete front design. The foundation stone of the new Dodge Ram Heavy Duty 2010 is their advanced chassis that provides torque and stiffness. Both front suspension and rear is tuned to an optimal level of quality of handling and maneuverability. Many options of the Ram inside is where one forgets that it is in a van intended to work. Its double cabin is much more extensive and provides more comfort for passengers. In the interior have can go six people comfortably seated. On the side of the seats is the air conditioning. Another aspect noteworthy are the Interior compartments for storing things, important detail in this type of pickup trucks. Factsheet of the Dodge Ram engine (liters) 6.