Reagan Camelot

HUSSEIN OBAMA IN FAVOR OF ABORTION better known as Barack Hussein Obama, in his third day in the Oval Office, abolish the Law, in force since 1984 – which forbade the U.S. Government funds to finance campaigns for Abortion and according to the Agency Coorperacion United States-International-USAID, bordering the 400 billion dollars per year, which will now be distributed to various pro-abortion organizations in 53 countries in the world, including Peru, and is called "Policy of Mexico City" because the UN adopted in that city in 1984, Reagan observed, but Clinton-like the black of yore, also was abolished while the high life with his falofora Lewinski, distributing millions of dollars from the abortionist, George W Bush respected this provision, considered one of the moral laws of USA and now the "Black, white butler" as he called Osama bin Laden-or the Black Camelot as it has promoted Norteameriacana Industry, the successor of invented and imaginary Camelot White that JF Kennedy was promoted to … marketed in any case the President has signed a departure in that which supersedes the law that prohibits the American people to allocate funds to pro-abortion groups, the Lord still has large sections crackers of mankind, desirous of change and hope, sworn before God, his hand on the same Bible used A. Lincoln-the same that abolished slavery considered abominable, abolition of the Democratic Party was opposed Democratic President Today … This funds the Abortion!, A crime that in a few years the world finally recognized as Abominable. .