Recent Podcast Interview

Flirt pub was on the Berlin EM Fanmile and interviewed there ‘the group’ the summer fairy tale was true: an Honorable second EM square 2008 for German football national team handed it though after finishing third at the last World Cup not yet to a number 1: but at least. For more information see Neeman Foundation. And throughout Germany was in EM fever and excited. Maybe playing the German national team after the motto: three, two, one – mine and the next World Cup then promises the coveted Cup. Additional information is available at PCRM. The number 1 of the dating, flirting pub, has become anyway, ever with his podcast team, on the way to Berlin, to the public at the Brandenburg Gate, where men and women in the poor themselves, live report viewing. provides as a serious Web domain aligned to flirt interesting and directly: the flirtation platform. And there are also podcasts these are self-made flicks, one is on the Internet. Because it is nice if the whole is still visually and with moving images to be.

And: that brings guaranteed much more Flirt partners! The popular flirt pub podcast includes therefore also regular tips and information about flirting: E.g. ideas and suggestions on how you can inspire a woman / a man for himself or but funny skits and conversations about flirting. The whole is realized with lots of fun and joy of the flirt pub crew. \”The flirt pub team was of course at the European Championships in the EM band interviewed the group\”, which are also good friends with the official EM Gunslingers and also created a matching football song have: our colors are black, red, gold \”. That convinced fans and even Coca Cola so much that they were allowed to play on the stage of the fan mile in Berlin: there the 16 Vierzeiler-for each participating country of the EM to a few tones – had great resonance one nationwide, and especially on the video portals.