Ronald Duran Chuquimia

The oeneges which manage the enormous resources donated to Bolivia for several years, not accountable to the Bolivian people, only to their funders for which operetta performances, are organized whenever donors visit to their beneficiaries on the occasion of the visit of the donors of the Netherlands to the projects carried out in the village cooperative altena organized lunches of luxurychildren smiling and happy, works built expressly for the visit were displayed, parents and neighbors thankful do perhaps such persons knew of amounts? do global intended for their benefit?, asked themselves perhaps was the real spending?. For the constituent Assembly in the same way were and will be economic resources, which again will disappear in the witches hands of the owners of the oeneges, organizations that collaborate with the underdevelopment of our country, since they repeat the downward spiral that makes us increasingly more dependent on foreign charity, American and European yesterday, Venezuelan beret today, are perhaps some dedicated to organize productive enterprises with export capacity?, the more often, obtained aid meets its objectives with a paper report and colorful photography, in this document the aid received is transformed. The control of such resources, by repeating the spirit of nacionalizador decree makes urgent: that 90% of the donated resources, which is used in administrative expenses of the oeneges, are destined directly to the beneficiaries. (1) To quantify the total amount of donations to Bolivia managed by NGO s, I made enquiries to State dealings which could not give me the data..