(This applies primarily to waterfowl: they are rapidly degradable.) After This is injected into the abdominal cavity denatured alcohol, and if it is not at hand, stuffed carcass nettle, juniper. Essential oils of juniper suspended microbial reproduction. Bloodstained feathers rub wool, and the bleeding wounds impose wool soaked in methylated spirits (if available). Transporting birds are very cautious not to bend, not tousle and do not break the feathers. Wrap the birds after final cooling, that they have not begun to deteriorate.

In order not to spoil the game, it should be aired in advance of and during the break to put on the back, and not to any other body part and should not be game, designed for making scarecrows, worn with a different game, put in plastic bags, setki.S the same place tselyuv lumbago injected under the feathers in your mouth denatured alcohol, and between packing and the body is put cotton wool, soft, dry hay or straw. The most convenient way to transport the carcass in a box, after having made holes in it for ventilation. By the dissection begin only after the bird finally got home ostynet.Po not place game in the freezer, only on the bottom shelf refrigerator. In stark carcass is very difficult to remove the skin and thawed carcass becomes non-marketable, wet look that is very difficult to further work. Skin a large animal must be removed immediately after the shooting.

Transport "wet" the skin should be, turning it into a roll and pre-paving the 6-7-centimeter layer of dry hay. It is necessary to avoid skin fold envelope: place the fold formed bare patches. I do not advise to skin or make an attempt to make a scarecrow of the dead and for some time lain animals. For your health it is dangerous. Do not remove the skin, or hold any "Dealings" with the carcass, if you have them on hand porezy.U I have a personal sad experience to warn you against such reckless and dangerous actions. Skin is removed by hand and the knife. The knife should be sharp, it's better with one-sided sharpening and the tip of the blade should be sharpened not only hot, but with a slight flaw that he is more scratched than the cut. In practice, you will realize that for skinning a knife most podhodyaschiy.Na hunting need to carry a sharpener.