SMEs Authorities

Authorities, generating the necessary transformations to give feedback older administrative systems that rest on a bureaucracy is inefficient, involving loss of time, cost, operability. Authorities should rescue experience, knowledge of its retired teachers, giving him opportunity to incorporate in chairs that are required of teachers qualified, capable of providing knowledge and motivate future professionals to generate new ones that favor their formation and leading to the change required for an education favorable for the country. Authorities, who are attentive to the changes, the development commitments of the University in safeguarding and reaffirm their autonomy, that as noted by a candidate to the Rector, University autonomy is materialized with the body of doctrine which enshrines his vision, his mission; its principles, its nature and its aims, with the corresponding normative and regulatory framework that gives validity to the University organizational structure. Should the new authorities know more towards the adequate management of finances, with its anemic budget and seek the way of how to increase your income with counselling programmes, contributions to public and private institutions that require their services, taking more advantage its link, in order to rescue their poor participation before the problems the region faces. They must find new ways to enable linkages with respect to governmental institutions such as City Hall, the Interior, with the same status, before new economic openings that it is undertaking, in where some faculties may favour, like economics, Sciences, engineering, health who can contribute their knowledge and generate results that benefit all. You must give way to one University Foundation that offers the service of business incubation in order to train new entrepreneurs who have developed their products and create SMEs that favor the region, to the country. Founding his own University Hospital, given that it has human resources and land to develop it, guaranteeing a service that would promote the region.