Spanish Valencia

With the end of summer begin to get proposals for new and old groups to various schools of Spanish Valencia. Valencia. School and College season starts in September and with it, the mobility toward foreign countries to learn languages. Valencia Spanish schools are beginning to receive groups from different parts of Europe who want to learn Spanish. Above all we found groups from Italy, Germany, Scandinavia or England since the mobility of groups depends on low-cost flights arriving at the airports of Valencia and Alicante. The groups who come to study Spanish have a specific tourist package of suede hand crafted by Spanish schools. The packages offered by Costa de Valencia, Spanish school are adapted to each group according to the characteristics of the students of Spanish. It all depends on the average age of the group, their nationality, the duration of your stay, your level of Spanish classes or extracurricular activities are the same for a group of school children from Italy for a University group in Scandinavia.

If it’s a group of minors, classes are tailored to children. And, for example, with a group of Italians is not recommended the visit in detail of old buildings. Them there to spare in Italy. Of course, Costa de Valencia, school of Spanish tourist packages offer courses in Spanish. The classes are very small, a minimum of 3 persons and a maximum of 12 students. The group will be divided and I subdivided depending on the level of each student. Thanks to this, all students participate in classes and learn Spanish easily.

Costa de Valencia Spanish school teaching quality is guaranteed by being recognized as accredited Center by the Instituto Cervantes for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Since 2004 it is part of the network of associated centres of the Cervantes Institute. Tourist packages are also composed of student accommodation, which can be in families. This method is quite useful for students who wish to use their knowledge of Spanish with a family of Spanish in their day to day, as in everyday life. As an alternative, a group can be hosted in a university residence. This method is useful for those groups in which students are minors outside the season of the academic year. Thus, teachers have all in the same building. But the Spanish not only in classes you learn. The vacation packages in Costa de Valencia, Spanish School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for groups. There are common activities for all groups who come to study Spanish in Valencia as the visit to the historic centre, the visit to the city of Arts and Sciences, visit Bioparc or the La Albufera natural park but also other different activities depending on the age, nationality and the size of the groups are offered.