Spousal Support – Right Separation Maintenance

What you should know about the topic of divorce and spousal support In the area of the maintenance of the spouse must take place first of all a general distinction between separation maintenance and remote maintenance. While the separation maintenance refers to connections between people that no relationship more to each other, by the legislation but legally still not have divorced, which refers to failed marriages have been eliminated by a German court in fully remote maintenance. Separate maintenance or spousal support can be claimed from the time, when the marriage failed is. It is not necessarily required that those involved do not continue to live in a shared apartment. Separation maintenance can be paid through the better-off in any case before the legal divorce. Remote maintenance is pronounced by a German court, whose Gerichtsbarkeit is nationally accepted and in tight mass, regulates the services to be provided. Also here is the Commissioner to pay the former partner commits.

However, this has the obligation to pursue a decent employment and thus also independently to ensure a reasonable living. Read additional details here: PCRM. Thus, much has been achieved through far-reaching reforms in recent years. Firstly, the maintenance recipient is protected as the maintenance will be deducted from the years that the two partners were married, and thus after the divorce not the problem is, that one of the two partners over the years could go to any regulated employment through housework and is therefore without any livelihood. On the other hand, but also the debtor is protected because the Unterhaltsnehmende facing the obligation, independent employment to take care of, unless these can be joined and not due to disability or similar, is impossible. It must therefore clearly distinguish between separation and remote maintenance, since this a wide range of conditions for the obligation and calculation go hand in hand. Remote maintenance must only when full, legal divorce by a German court be taken into account, before separation maintenance is due and shall be calculated accordingly by the parties themselves or by a lawyer.