Street Educators

Sometimes it is to tackle the problem with specific actions and to different manifestations of the same, new programs are announced. This is the case of so-called ebotellonu, for which there have been many initiatives in all cities, more public policy issues of health, social or promotional campaigns aimed at comprehensive prevention with the participation of the whole community . Something simi-lar begins to occur with the problems generated by immigration. Street Educator-o In an open as he began to call in France, unlike other professionals, comes to the environment where they are the recipients own program, open environment that makes their normal place of work, establishing individual and group relationships, approaches to resource use than ever, serving as a reference to some, optimizes the full range of public and private community-based devices, responds to the particular principle to educate us on the street and also serves as a complement to the work of others technicians. An educator enuevou among young people: The street educator not only works with drug addicts, criminals, youth Fancy etc. , Because they are subjects and objects of programs and specific interventions, but its action among the youth is motivated because they are in a stage of life that will help to follow in such situations of conflict inherent in adolescence. The Educator is accumulating experiences that the young can be positive and serve as background for their future adult. And it does so from these significant spaces, areas, times and activities where they are and do: Corners, streets, cultural centers, bars, associations.