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Culture At The Highest Level – The Cologne Cathedral

The House to the white cross from Hurth Cologne Cathedral is not only one of the largest and most important cathedrals in the world, it houses works of art that are well known and famous for centuries far beyond the borders of Cologne, also. Who resides in Cologne, Germany, will have to pay time the Cathedral of Cologne, because there is much to see. “About what you can find in the and at the Cologne Cathedralread more…


Moments Of Humanity

German Red Cross awarded Olaf Eybe as the best photographers In the summer of 2009 the German Red Cross to enter a photo contest invited. To catch 150 moments of humanity”, was the mandate for interested photographers. Many authors from Germany and Austria took on the challenge. Shortly before Christmas, chose a jury Olaf Eybe as an award winner. The Essen’s lyricist and author had taken part in the competition with a series of Scouting. Recordingsread more…


More Bach

Even for “the inside of the” Inside”the Bach from the vicinity of Heilbronn have interesting, discovered that in the genealogy news that previously so knew no one in the world last year. More Bach will not give but today still. Both still work right, real thrill for Bach-science, as Bach says. Interactively, Bach calls his homepage mainly due to the music page, where can be together more and more music videos themselves over the coming 12read more…


With Pleasure & Life Fatima In The Summer: Today

With a self declaration of love and a clarification about the sensuality of chocolate, pretty woman coach will begin in the summer. A declaration of love to write, to draw, to sing to yourself. PCRM takes a slightly different approach. Who’s doing this already? Ilona Burgel talks about life Fatima & enjoyment in her post of Schokologie’. She tells of good mood and the momentum, the woman can eat. With tenderness, she introduces the secrets ofread more…


Visual Arts Finland

With the topic of when life is at least art”in the The three artists are looking for sight together with the participants of the 17th International Summer Academy Wismar subtle and massive tension, the transition from life to art and the art in the context. The artistic transformation is open and depends on the personal focus of the respective participant. The final exhibition is planned as a content mesh of all resulting work. Swarmed by offers,read more…


Lepsien Art Foundation

“We will continue this trend and thus further internationalize the organization. Thus, more talented artists from all over the world get the chance on sustainable development. In addition benefit from the artists who take part in the programme, intercultural exchange and positive in your work and the development of international networking.” The high proportion of graduates and master students of the Art Academy in Dusseldorf according to Christian Lepsien is clearly a testimony of the closeread more…


Vamos Promotes Young Artists

Illustrator competition of vamos parents kid travel Hanover, 10.05.2013 – colorful illustrations characterise for over 15 years the appearance of the catalogues of vamos parents kid travel. For the artistically designed cover art, the family travel specialist collaborated with renowned illustrators such as Rotraut Susanne Berner or Jean-Jacques Sempe. On the coming winter catalog, a young artist’s work be how in the past few years to see. Therefore Illustrator competition wrote vamos 3rd among students fromread more…