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Christian Period

I can divide the history of the nursing in four periods: daily pay-Christian, Christian, modern and contemporary, namely: PERIOD PR-CRISTO the art to take care of always was a necessity of the humanity. In the period daily pay-Christian it did not have politics, but it was in this same period that the first attempts of elaboration of theories politics if had consolidated. But the nursing, we know as it today, was not developed in this more…


Unit Maternal

During the pregnancy and soon after the childbirth, as well as during the immediate puerprio, the necessary woman and must receive orientation on the process from breast-feeding and all necessary cares for its continuity. Everything this configures the necessity to evaluate the knowledge that purpera has on the maternal aleitamento for it and its baby, and justifies the study on this process. Knowing of the importance of the exclusive maternal aleitamento until the sixth month ofread more…


Integrated Facultieses

Any ratio of amount of alterations was not made. This work was approved by the Committee of Ethics in Research of the Integrated Facultieses of Brazil, pautado in consubstanciado seeming of research protocol numbers 027/2010. Criteria of exclusion: – lesser of 18 and above of 35 years of age; – gestantes; – women in menstrual period; – women in treatment for some type of severe alteration or in treatment for some infection; Source of research material:read more…