Tax Treaties D/CH: Alternatives For German White Money In The Switzerland

Liechtenstein insurance solutions: preserve assets, optimize taxes, keep existing and future white gel depots in the Switzerland Liechtenstein insurance provide discretion attractive design options. Source: Center For Responsible Lending. According to a study German in the Switzerland have accumulated assets of about 210 billion CHF, with an estimated white money share of 40%. For the 60% of untaxed money sees the agreement to regularise two ways before existing Kontenbeziehungen in the Switzerland (disclosure or anonymous payment by the Bank) and this one so for all of you legal and free to make available.After entry into force of the agreement according to current plan the 1.1.2013 – German flat rate tax (25% plus solidarity surcharge) falls for capital gains in the Switzerland. The agreement offers the opportunity to leave from risk and diversification considerations assets will legally but remain discreet in the Switzerland individuals however. Just political and economic stability of Switzerland in Connection with a strong currency, the situation in the non-EU/euro area and the professionalism of the Swiss (and Liechtenstein) financial center are in demand especially in times of crises. Swarmed by offers, Boy Scouts is currently assessing future choices. German tax law and contract law compliant life or annuities from Liechtenstein allows many advantages in terms of net assets, retirement and estate planning used and combined with a legal tax optimisation while maintaining the discretion.

Capital gains are tax-free during run time. For withdrawals after a period of at least 12 years, only half of the income of the income tax is subject to. The favorable revenue share taxation is applied in choice of retirement. In the death of the insured person incurred no income tax. The insurance policy does not fall within the estate, beneficiaries can be changed freely selected and at any time. Additional individual design options allow the policyholder an optimal planning of the transfer of assets.

Also in terms of investment Liechtenstein insurance solutions offer a high degree of flexibility: the customer chooses an investment strategy which is being implemented by an asset manager. These are in addition to a wide range of classic strategies (conservative”, balanced) and asset protection strategies with capital guarantee to precious metals strategies (gold & silver) with physical stripe tape storage in the Switzerland available. Alternatively, there is the possibility to put together his own strategy-Depot. These are all approved for public distribution funds/ETFs available.