the effects

Why? Because they are petrochemical industry wastes MICA, as are now accumulated in a lagoon are highly polluting and Ta “XICOS and want us to explain where in the process of converting them into cement that toxicity is eliminated. And it can be argued that ultimately will be covered by the frieze and painting … very well … and we forget however Asbestos dust which was painted was still highly toxic and carcinogenic? “Does anyone have notion of the amount of asbestos sheets still cover the roofs of many homes in Venezuela and the effects that accumulate in their bodies? Since cement production is highly polluting traditional how to explain and justify the production of substitute materials which are based pollutants and will not be an even greater scale?, It is not sufficient argument or the organic properties of reduced costs nor the use of waste; of that substance will be surrounded by those who inhabit the houses are built with it and need formal and honestly clear all doubts. And speaking of houses, this was the other point I wanted to say today: a OECAs plastics announced … Announcing all petrochemical projects in Venezuela is on board with the alleged Iranian cooperation, the President showed us a kind of brochure -folder with many photos showing the features and systems manufactured home construction material plastic … The idea is not new or original and one wonders why it has not been successful, or at least rise in the countries of the world that originally developed this idea and originally designed this system of construction.