The Fact

Place the concept of price 4.1. The commodity price and value for money should be specially emphasized the fact that the price of a commodity is the ratio of money is a commodity, rather than vice versa. Because the reverse attitude – is the cost of money (DM), the thing is close, but not identical price: DM = 1/TST = CT / CD. (5) commodity price and value for money are the opposite relations that exist in an indissoluble unity, and forming a Value of goods and money. Which can be regarded as a position of the seller of the goods, and with the positions of its customers. To contact the seller importantly – how much money he get for his goods, and for the buyer – How much of it get for your money.

Therefore, from the perspective of the seller of the goods and money ratio is the ratio of money to the commodity, its price. But from the standpoint of the buyer of goods is the same ratio is the value of money. 4.2. Price of the product and its exchange-value exchange goods for money is only the first act of exchanging one commodity (T1) to another. In which there is the price of the first commodity (TST1). In the second act of the seller of the first commodity had been advocating the buyer of the second (T2). And the ratio of the second Product (KT2) to money, the proceeds of the first product, the value of these forms of money: SD = KT2/KD. (6) Therefore, the entire exchange process can be mathematically represented as a product of the first commodity prices on the cost of money for it was sold.