The Jockey

This includes for example a light system to be more visible in the dark even when standing. Also the fixing of a pennant on the luggage carrier is on a bicycle for children strongly recommended. The pennant is a small flag, usually in the form of a triangle. He has basically no stemming symbol. It serves to increase the attention of other road users. To prevent injury from a fall, a chain guard as also a safety handlebar are very advisable. Further, additional accessories would be for example the installation of a distance trowel on the luggage carrier of the bicycle. The training wheels stabilize the wheel, but block the success of learning or interfere with the awareness of a sense of balance of the child.

The Jockey is a precise term of vehicle technology. These wheels are usually help wheels, which are not used to the regular movement of the vehicle. They prevent a vehicle falls down, or they cause a vehicle to be supported. These benefits should be very be weighed individually with each child. A security of children wheel can be additionally supplemented with reflective clothing and with a bicycle helmet and continues to widen. The bicycle helmet – Swiss gladly called bike helmet – is a helmet for cyclists, which is intended to reduce the forces acting in an accident, so to prevent injuries.

In a collision of the helmet serves the foam or rigid foam as a crumple zone and absorbs energy. In that way, an acceleration that is accomplished on the brain is reduced. The hard shell helmets a Bowl this distributes the force of a collision on a fairly larger area. This also reduces the risk of a fracture of the skull bone. The soft shell helmets are now barely in the range, because they do not continue to support the slipping of a helmet on the hard road, and likely further increase the risk of damage of the brain by a rotational acceleration. A hard shell helmet make slipping of the helmet at the Percussion lighter and counteracts so that risk. Because the ability to absorb energy is quite limited, even a bicycle helmet can offer only limited protection. Due to the absorption of energy a bicycle helmet with a hard impact carrying persistent deformations and should not be used because he can no longer fulfill its protective function). Now you have a few of the most important features to look for when buying a bike for children. Please follow these tips. Finally, it comes to the safety of your child.