TV Star And Comedian Ralf Schmitz

the car experience that he’d actually always happy without I don’t know how my beloved mother and my good father-in-law Herbert always succeed, but every now and then I’m even today, although I have free will but as an adult, suizidgefahrdet in their old turbodiesel Audi station wagon. I sit back, so, where mother nature never has provided me. A row in front of the wobbling sausage dog, the hat and the decorated toilet roll. No, do not crochet: SEW! You want to be not so stuffy. “Mama gets: Nice is et nich?” “And I think: Yes, et is nich beautiful!” Herbert is gas, at least it sounds like, and actually the car already not ten minutes later slowly moves from the spot. We are on the way.

Earlier than usual. We’re coming up to the exit of the Court. The fact is that it is again ‘ a cup tea can bring when Herbert wants to turn a. Well, there are to consider also a lot things. So for the first time: set indicators.

Then: Look if none comes. Then: Uberpru? fen, whether the direction indicator to really is. The tick-tack could come from somewhere else. Then: The throttle and go slowly. Then: Is the flasher? Then: Look, if still no one comes. Then: Brakes, because now someone goes up. Is but too much go today. Then: Start from scratch. At some point: Turn! JIPPIEH! Then: Slowly give more gas, because it now is on a main road and the other riders want to like to kill one with their horns. Namely it is left at the moment, when the others came angerast, it has overlooked in the terrible rush. Then: Ranting on the speeder. After sometime a half traveling eternity, Herbert finally turn off the motorway. Well, we missed the correct exit for more than thirty kilometres, but never mind. He knows the way to the aunt on the Rhine also on the road, as he assures. While this is a detour by ‘ a good hour, but you can use the rare time together at least correctly. Is et nich beautiful?” “” “Ralf Schmitz, known from TV shows like Schiller Street”, the audacious three “and awesome in addition”, as dwarf sunny in the 7 dwarfs “films by Otto (over 13 million viewers!) and as the author of the bestseller Schmitz’ cat ‘and said ‘ Mama’, is the Turbo under the comedians. Ralf Schmitz is straight with his fourth solo programme Schmitzpiepe”on tour. All info & events under or Ralf Schmitz on facebook.