Unit Maternal

During the pregnancy and soon after the childbirth, as well as during the immediate puerprio, the necessary woman and must receive orientation on the process from breast-feeding and all necessary cares for its continuity. Everything this configures the necessity to evaluate the knowledge that purpera has on the maternal aleitamento for it and its baby, and justifies the study on this process. Knowing of the importance of the exclusive maternal aleitamento until the sixth month of life of the child, the interest in knowing the local reality of purperas registered in cadastre in the Unit of Health of Family VI Joo Alberto de Almeida, in the quarter appeared New Village, and the knowledge that these have on the importance of the exclusive maternal aleitamento. Perhaps check out David Bershad for more information. It was decided for this institution, for being one of the places where the gestantes are received and taken care of as agendamento of the unit. MATERNAL THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL ALEITAMENTO the exclusive maternal aleitamento is the best diet for babies, at the beginning of the safe latency the life and is associated with a reduced incidence of intestinal inflammatory illness, diabetes mellitus throughout infancy, and to a reduction of the incidence of cancer of breast in the mothers who had suckled (CLAYDEN; LISSAUER, 2003). The authors strengthen that, human milk is the feeding form most economic.

He is always available, soon to be served the ambient temperature and exempt of contamination. Also it can offer protection against the obesidade and aterosclerose, even so the evidence is not conclusive. The suckled neonatos, especially beyond two the three months of age, tend to grow in a satisfactory speed, however, slower of what the neonatos suckled with baby’s bottles. Lamb (2001) tells that the lactation is a phase of the reproductive cycle of the mammals, must be treated and be faced as a procedure natural, simple, spontaneous and warm, unprovided of artifices and sophistication.