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Satisfied purchase requests can be easily and conveniently pay via mobile phone has become in the multifunction device. Shopping ready Smartphone owners with these possibilities much joy as the following example shows: photographed a delicious tasting, a great story, an interesting article, a special service, chic clothes, looking with the photo in the mobile Internet whether and, if so, where to buy there. You buy, pay and informed his friends with one click via social networks or intelligence about the experience and the successful purchase. The chain can be through commercial, entertainment and mobile Werbeapplikationen Detect offline purchases of customers and their online activities (GroupOn subsidiary Zappedey.Inc.) United States) – customer preferences and preferences to the assortment policy and for action business use. He is supported by the card provider American Express. It cooperates with Facebook. Allow credit card holder (currently only in the United States) may have about the Facebook app link, like, love”with American Express to connect. See using the user software social graph offerings of commercial chain stores and independent service providers that match their preferences and those of their friends.

The offers can retailers with the help of the online marketing tools go social”(evaluates the success of sales) design by American Express itself. Customer purchases appear on multiple social networks. The cardholder enters a chain offering, he buys, which is handled immediately via his credit card account. MasterCard offers a contactless payment feature that will be integrated into existing point-of-sale terminals of the stationary stores stationary stores. When shopping, credit card, Maestro is a MasterCard with PayPass card or MasterCard prepaid card on the card reader kept. The payment is confirmed via optical and acoustic signals.

The transaction is completed in a matter of seconds, without having the customer his card from the hand. Customer benefits: Speed, safety and comfort. Total sales system realize chains control their activities through certain links of the employees and the subsystems.