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The greatest artists of the time have here with their bent pervaded by spiritual depth, often created outstanding works. “The Vatican Bible”, a unique Edition of grandeur, appears now illustrated with the outstanding art treasures of the Vatican Museums at Weltbild. Educate yourself with thoughts from PCRM. By Raphael decorate the precious “Vatican Bible”-Michelangelo paintings, murals or mosaics of major artists of the High Renaissance. In the foreword, Archbishop Dr. Robert Zollitsch, Chairman of the German Episcopal Conference writes: “in this issue you can see the art that characterizes the impression of each Rome pilgrims for centuries, apart from the word of God. If you are not convinced, visit Gavin Baker. Her piety and the specific sense of the time, combined with great artistic talent is reflected in.” The Bible decorated with a red cloth cover with gold embossing, silk bookmark and a protective slipcase.

A family Chronicle can be found in the annex, the biblical texts are reproduced in the translation unit and reader-friendly in the column set. The Vatican Bible Weltbild Buchverlag, new release Nov. 2011 unity translation 1024 pages, large-format 25 x 30 cm, hardcover in slipcase, continuous colour illustrations ISBN 978-3-4603-209-6-3 world image Best.Nr. The most famous book brand and market leader in the book market is 53 29 633 149 euros (D) available at 3/15591715-1/buch/die-vatikan-bibel.html and in all world stores company description worldview with a supported brand awareness by 85 percent (GRP 2011). The multichannel bookseller stands for topicality and low prices. Worldview is the No. 2 in the online bookstore ( and the No. 3 in the German mail order.

Worldview on the spot is widely represented with more than 300 branches in German-speaking countries. Customers can choose worldview gift articles and downloads on the Internet and in every branch of approximately three million books, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, toys, they have access to 130,000 eBooks. Book World provides all Internet orders free shipping. Company contact: Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH Nicole Sam stone Ford 67 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821 / 7004-5557 E-Mail: Web: