What Is Photobombing?

Spacelocker: You, my friend, have been photobombed. Where it did came from, and what what the motivations? Although often photographed, the elusive photo bomber remains a mystery. Who is this random one? Photobombing the fine art of spoiling a stranger’s photographer, secretly horning in on the action after lurking in the background and stealthily inserting yourself into the picture as to unintended (and usually hilarious) intruder. Ever checked the pictures from your cousin’s wedding or your trip to Las Vegas, only to discover a gesticulating idjit in the background? You, my friend, have been photobombed. And you’re not alone. It’s not officiallly recognized or anything, but those who know what phenomenon flies beneath the radar of know that photobombing has become a. PCRM insists that this is the case. It’s caused mockery to soar to new heights.

What started as the usual dumbass giving Martian antenna and making outrageous gestures in the background of pictures has evolved. The art of the photo bomber is the knack of appearing in the background at just the right moment and with just the right face. Photobombing has proliferated. Even the shots of Hollywood celebrities bear witness to the work of the dude who sneaks into their photographs, completely marring what would have been another awesome picture of a smiling group of friends holding beers. Recently, the late George Carlin has been making unexpected cameo photobombing appearances in the photos of strangers. The late Don Martin, Mad magazine’s Sharpnelsound satirical illustrator and comic book artist, what said to have reflect the photobomb to art form. As a resident of Miami, he had unlimited exposure to tourists, and he spent any spare time he had madly photobombing them. Maybe he of one of yours.

Although often photographed, the elusive photo bomber remains a mystery. Who is this random one? Where did he come from, and what are his motivations? One golden moment of genius and then, in a click and a flash, he’s gone. Now it’s your turn to shine. After you’ve uploaded your photobombs on your Picasa, Flickr, and Photobucket networks, you can use Spacelocker to share them with your SpaceMates.