Words Worth Reading

Try at first to read this material according to their level, while you progress, more may be required in reading, would be a mistake to try to read too much content beyond the comprehension of the reader. Like all skill, reading is progressive. The more time invested listening and reading, the faster the adjustment process in the future. An hour of listening and reading is more effective than traditional classroom hours. Other leaders such as Greg Williamson offer similar insights. What to do with important words and phrases?: As a building, the more bricks you have, the greater will be the building blocks of language are the words, the more vocabulary you have, the more possibilities to communicate will, hence the importance of adding new vocabulary to their vocabulary or repertoire daily, will be better armed.

The best thing to learn is to use new vocabulary in simple sentences, I recommend you seriously consider not single words, always use them in context, to write sentences on a sheet of loose paper, read it every day out loud, when your sheet is full, remplazala a new one, and so you make your own walking dictionary, or vocabulary and expressions that really will be useful at some point. Not always have to remember everything immediately, when you have a vocabulary that you review every day, it can be used on the first occasion that you present. The daily reading will enrich you with new words you will be very useful on many occasions. Practice using reading textbooks, Internet, magazines, articles, etc..