World Touring Car Championship

No matter what’s going on – you can not go too slowly, you should always find the optimal range of work. ” Saving the best traction on wet roads – a skill that requires not only professionals but also ordinary drivers. Ole Jacobs, an engineer for maintenance Yokohama Europe, gives advice to motorists: “Always fit in driving to road conditions, on a wet track to increase the distance ahead of you riding the vehicles. It is important to tire pressure. Also, if you want to reduce the risk of dangerous situations, buy premium tires.

” Speaking on the general situation on the road in the rain, gives drivers Farfus advice: “Go slowly and be careful! Even if you think that the speed with which you drive, not a threat, remember that in the rain braking requires more time, and in addition, reduced levels of grip. This is most strongly noticeable when cornering. When you drive slowly reduced risk of aquaplaning, the most terrible events that may occur in the wet. ” To ensure the greatest safety to drivers on wet roads, this fall the company introduced its Yokohama new generation of tires “On a wet road 2 has no weak points, this model has been specifically designed for wet roads. The maximum level of security is achieved through the modified tread pattern and special components in the composition of the rubber compound “- explains Jacobs -” choosing 2, you choose a safe driving. ” Like other eco-tires Yokohama, used in racing series WTCC, two designed to cause minimum damage environment. First of all, this concerns the low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption and therefore reduce emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Company Yokohama is the official tire supplier for the following races: FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) – since 2006, European Touring Car Championship (ETCC) – Since 2005, the International Grand Prix Formula 3 Macau – since 1983, Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) – since 2009, Danish Touring Car Championship (DTC) – since 2010, Scandinavian Touring Car Cup – in 2010, Russian Touring Car Championship (RTCC) – since 2010, ATS, the German Formula 3 – since 2007. Copying and publication of news is permitted provided the source: This and other bus news site Shina.