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Based on this method and thalassotherapy. 6. Thermo-resorts – whether all the same? Thermo-sources – they are sources of mineral waters, entering the Earth's surface. To the surface water goes warm or hot, so the water is very high mineral content compounds and substances. Water have different mineral composition, depending on the layers of bedding and therefore have different therapeutic properties. Because different types of water used in the treatment of various diseases, and should beread more…


Teaching Kids To Speak

Please note that the beads must alternate in sequence. So you can put a fence of colored sticks, etc. Adult responds quickly, throwing the ball to a child, calls the color of the child, returning the ball, must quickly name an object of that color. Nieman Foundation might disagree with that approach. You can call not only color, but any and quality (taste, shape) of an object. Exercises to develop flexibility of mind and vocabulary. Encourageread more…


How To Quit Smoking Easily

Giving up smoking is easy! Out of ten smokers – eight whole life going to quit. Six make periodic attempts to give up this harmful habit. And how many drop out? Credit! I threw it away. One is not stupid fellow wrote: “Learning should not what you’re doing, and what turned out to do.” I think it’s fair. My experience consisted of a smoker for 13 years when I decided for myself that smoking does notread more…