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Cruz Life

For in such a way, the faith and, well more the hope, constitutes the essence of a proven Christian life to the extremity, by means of which the sanctity emerges as a skill of being friend of the human beings in the total delivery for the love and to the love of Christ. Such certification of love is also boarded for Vatican Conclio II that, in intention to renew the life of the Church after almostread more…


School Education

The reality of the process of education and learning of the schools multisseriadas is structuralized in a classroom, where it has the junction of some series in one alone space (between them the infantile education), having a time of four daily hours to supply inherent the curricular demands to each series. This configuration practises directs it pedagogical of the educator to carry through some planejamentos of education that do not make compatible with the hour/lesson, resultingread more…