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The word SOLIDARITY has some meanings. It can be translated by Aid; Support; Support; Cooperation; Coparticipao; Friendship; Fellowship; Commitment; Brotherhood; Interdependence; Reciprocity. Amongst all the words ' ' Irmandade' ' it would have to sobressair in the Solidarity of the priests, therefore they are all brothers in the clergy. But the Solidarity of the Diocese of Formosa was marked with a Commitment for which the priests if compel ones for the others and each one forread more…



Araatuba, SP- the Legion of the Good will is one of the entities duly registered in cadastre being able to receive the donations that are repassed by the FMDCA (Deep Municipal theatre of the Rights of the Child and the Adolescent), that in Araatuba it is managed by the COMDICA (City council of the rights of the child and the adolescent). The contributors whom they desire to donate part of its income tax due have untilread more…