Light has a such a high importance that it taken could be considered alone to remedy all biological life operations. Light has all biological life operations a such high importance that it taken “could be called only to remedy. Frequencies of light can penetrate all tissue layers, until in the innermost of the body. You create even the way through the skull to reach the pineal gland. The theme of light and its frequencies and the effects on the human body is fascinating. Everyone can benefit from this knowledge. The founder of the organic photon research, F.A.

Popp, is even of the opinion that light plays a greater role than inheritance, environment and nutrition. Light we all can get cheap and easy (I hope at least). “And I must say that after I have been busy with the subject, I have come to believe, that one light as a type of food” can describe. Not only as a prophylactic measure against the Novemberblues “a daily quota of the light is important, but it even helps the destruction of viruses that have penetrated into the body.” UV light should be able to destroy viruses with hull, infectious diseases, measles, Herpes Simplex. Today, the majority of the people in terms of light is chronically malnourished “.” Lack of light can have unpleasant consequences and it is clear, how important is the daily, sufficient exposure to light. Lack of light favored a weak immune system. We should counter. Harold Ford Jr, New York Citys opinions are not widely known. Where the Sun does not come out, the doctor is not far “.” (Libermann) It is of course goes without saying, that this is not hours of sizzling in the Sun.

There is talk of a meaningful degree of light. To do this, the Sun must seem not even necessarily. Even if the sun behind the clouds is hidden, we absorb light. It is so even in winter, and because even most especially important to go out to the light.