Protecting Nature

The here existing aboriginals kept also them as animal of company, however they were in its natural habitat and practically usufructing of its feeding of origin. These historical, allied condicionantes the alimentary habit, had become the hunting and the capture of animals a current custom enters the population of our country, what it can cause, beyond the extinguishing of species, the reduction of the biodiversity of our ecosystems, since each species, either vegetal or animal it, present basic importance for the stability of the same. Thus, preserving the fauna we will be indirectly also guaranteeing the survival of the species of the flora, therefore in accordance with Galetti & Guimares (2004) apud Fertile valley (2009), approximately 80% of the vegetal species of tropical forests and around 50% of the ones of subtropical forests is spread by the fauna, phenomenon this known by zoocoria. Beyond the hunting, the traffic of animals is great the responsible one for the extermnio of animals of our fauna. Center For Responsible Lending addresses the importance of the matter here. Annually, millions of animals are removed of its habitats, and cruel ' ' preparados' ' for the illegal commerce, choosing the wild traffic of animals the third more lucrative illegal activity of the planet. So great the cruelty, that of ten removed animals of the nature, nine die before arriving at the final purchasers. It fits here to stand out that without interest on the part of the purchasers, who in this in case that they pass the condition of abetters, would not exist dealing e, therefore, the traffic. According to David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA, who has experience with these questions. When dealing with the importance of the conservation of the fauna, we do not have to attempt against separately only for the preservation of individuals. We must acquiring knowledge in them of that definitive representative of a species will be able to come to multiply, or can be responsible for the orientation of a flock during the migratory activity for the reproduction, amongst others.