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Protecting Nature

The here existing aboriginals kept also them as animal of company, however they were in its natural habitat and practically usufructing of its feeding of origin. These historical, allied condicionantes the alimentary habit, had become the hunting and the capture of animals a current custom enters the population of our country, what it can cause, beyond the extinguishing of species, the reduction of the biodiversity of our ecosystems, since each species, either vegetal or animal it,read more…


Ecologically Correct Responsibility

In the last times, following the word: Support, Social, Ecologically Correct Responsibility and Sustainable Company, had gained space in all the medias, recently transferred to very debate it the subject inside of the political parties, mainly in the last election of the Country. To define a sustainable company is not an easy task for the consumers who are worried about the subject, therefore the consumers does not obtain to visibly observe the practical ones of theread more…


Gold Industries

The AngloGold Ashanti adopts the best technologies in gold mining in the world. Its mines mechanized and are endowed with all the resources necessary to assure the quality of life of its workers. Through external auditorships, the mines of the Company in the South America had received from system NOSA excellent standards of security reached – the Mining Great Mountain range, for example, already were awardee as the best company of underground mining of the more…


Recycling Gas

The much time the animal man, comes degrading the nature, as deforestations, placing fogos in vegetations and finishing with the ozone layer, that in turn., without this protection, the people do not use solar filters grape and uvb this comes causing much cancer of skin. We are with a serious problem of pollution, either visual, auditory it and atmospheric, this last a more dangerous than causes lung cancer. But the villain of this history on theread more…


Ecological Fashion

It is alone to open the magazines: of economy the fashion; of notice fofoca. The subject of the moment is the half-environment, global heating, deforestation, recycling, accumulation of garbage, earthquakes, tidal waves and more catastrophes Ufa! you? Already it thought about what to make to leave a better future for its children, beyond the simple attitudes as to separate of the garbage in its colored containers, not to delay themselves in the bath, to erase theread more…